Week -1: Planning

This week has been one of mostly planning and preparation. I’ve been figuring out what my daily routine should be, what meals I’ll make throughout the week, and prepping for that. Tomorrow, I’ll put the plan in action and spend at least part of the day making ahead what I can so that the rest of the week goes smoothly.

Thankfully, I’m one of those people who can pretty much eat the same things every day and not get too sick of it. This is a very good thing since most of the recipes I have and use make at least 4 servings, and I hate letting food go to waste. Breakfasts are usually an egg and veggie scramble; I like onion, asparagus, and mushrooms scrambled with two whole eggs, though there’s certainly a lot of flexibility if I need to change things. For lunches this week, I’ll alternate between a tuna salad and low-carb sloppy joes. And dinners will be a cabbage and turkey soup, which I tried out last week and actually is pretty good with a few extra spices added in. Really, anything with cabbage is going to probably be a winning recipe for me.

I’m mostly using guidelines from the ridiculously named Unleash Your Thin program (good lord, I hate the names of diet books and programs), though I have a few other resources that I may draw on as well. I used this plan last summer and lost about 20 pounds before I hit a plateau, and then never really got through it. I’m hoping I can make necessary changes to keep everything moving along this time around.

I’m working on this post a little too late in the evening to do initial measurements, so I’ll do them in the morning instead and update then. In the meantime, I’ve distracted myself for long enough that I can’t go to Trader Joe’s for my personal kryptonite: triple chocolate mini bundt cakes with vanilla ice cream. Oh man. The craving I have for those things defies description. Anyway, now to make sure I have everything in order for the morning, and then I can get some sleep.


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