Week 2: Mornings are hard

Man, I am not a morning person.

I’ve tried to be. I’ve faked it, setting my alarm early enough to force me out of bed before the sun rises, but I hate it. I can do early mornings if I have someone or something else counting on me to be up early; an early flight or early start on a job, I can get out of bed at 4 am if I need to. However, if the only person who needs me out of bed early is me, I hit the snooze button. I can snooze for hours.

This is an issue because I prefer to get my exercise in the morning, before I get bogged down in the details of the day. In my head, it’s an awesome idea; I get half an hour of cardio plus some resistance training in first thing in the morning and start my day off energized. The problem here is the part where it requires me to set an alarm and get up early. No matter how much enthusiasm I have for the idea in the afternoon the day before, when it comes time to get up and actually do it, I rationalize. I sleep. I want the five more minutes, over and over and over again.

All this means that I didn’t get the exercise I was planning on this past week, because sleep took priority. In some ways, I’m not too terribly worried about that; sleep is an important factor in keeping certain hormones in check, including hormones that regulate part of the body’s metabolism like insulin and cortisol, so getting enough sleep is critical. However, getting essentially no real exercise during the week is a problem as well.

On the plus side, I did do better with my eating. Fewer trips out, more eating at home, more balanced meals, and conscientious snacking has been a little easier this week. I’ve had fewer cravings for things that I’m avoiding right now, and more luck packing and taking my lunches and dinners with me. So again, I haven’t had as much progress as I could have wanted, but I am making small amounts of progress.

The measurements for this week:

Weight: 233 lb (-1.6 total)
Waist: 37.5″ (-1 total)
Hip: 49″ (-0.5 total)
Chest: 38″ (-1 total)
Neck: 14.5″ (-0.25 total)
Thigh: 23.5″ (-1.25 total)

So, progress. It’s slow, and it’s working. I just really need to figure out how to balance the diet and the exercise and the motivation.

For this upcoming week, I’ve got just about everything set food-wise. I’ve made chili for most of the dinners, with steak to fill in the remaining meals this week. Lunches will be leftover sloppy joes from last week (no buns, the meat and bean mix goes into sweet bell pepper halves, and is actually pretty delicious) and my favorite little tuna boats (simple tuna salad in scooped-out cucumber halves + salad), plus salad. Lots of salad. For snacks I pair almonds (15 nuts per serving) with a couple of tangerines, and when I’m feeling the sweet tooth, I have pears that I can poach with vanilla for a treat.

No gym time this Monday morning; I got home around 1 am last night and needed to start getting ready for work at 8, which didn’t leave me a lot of extra time unless I cut into sleeping hours. I’m hoping that an earlier night tonight with a little more flexibility tomorrow morning will mean that I can actually drag myself to the gym and get some work done.


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